Many years ago Lee Teter and Wayne Watson wrote a story for a screenplay that remained unpublished for over twenty years. Recently the manuscript was dusted off, developed by Watson, and sent to a book publisher. The story appears in this new book  with all the rough edges included, but it is a good story.

The story: A frontier woman is captured by an Indian war party. Her fear of Indians is overcome as she lives with the people and comes to know them. In despair after a devastating loss she makes a desperate escape. As she attempts to be reunited with her husband and home she must travel across land only a few explorers had passed through. . . . a land where no woman had survived alone.

This book was inspired by the experiences of a woman who was captured near Cumberland, Maryland, in the mid-18th century. Characters are based on real people and various reliable accounts.

Make a cup of coffee and relax as the 18th century frontier gets personal with you in “Captured Hearts” by Wayne Watson and his old friend, Lee Teter.