This page presents images of drawings made with various  drawing mediums.

Graphite drawing mountain man master drawings by Lee Teter
MEDIUM: Graphite
DESCRIPTION: Image 10″ x 13″ This is the initial study for future works of the same title.
A mountain man is surrounded, his horse is dead, water is gone, and on the wind there is the scent of water that is out of reach.

Lee Teter writes. . . . 

horse racing early American graphite drawing by Lee teter carolina parakeet history drawings
MEDIUM: Graphite
DESCRIPTION:  Lee Teter visited this theme in earlier art, however, this is a new rendition inspired by descriptions of Native Americans of the South and Midwest. A surprising historical element is his inclusion of North American parakeets. Carolina Parakeets were vivid green with bright yellow and red accents and were very common until they disappeared from North america around 1900. Indian artifacts from many regions of the U.S. are found decorated with the heads and feathers of the American parakeets.

(Lee Teter writes . . . . .)



Horseshoe nail ring drawing graphite farrier master drawings by Lee Teter
MEDIUM: Graphite on paper
DESCRIPTION: (10) Image size 9.75 x 7.75. Paper size 17.75 x 20.25. This picture portrays a real farrier and a real little girl who was gifted a ring made from a horseshoe nail.


Graphite master drawing Civil War art drawings by Lee Teter
DESCRIPTION: (20) Graphite on paper. Image size 7.25 x 13.75 inches.
A young woman savors the last touches of her soldier before he rides away to war.


Oregon trail mormon train platte river covered wagon prairie schooner women children oxen master drawing by Lee Teter fine art drawings
MEDIUM: Graphite
DESCRIPTION: A child too weary to walk is carried by her mother. The strength and determination of women who moved along the great westward trails cannot be honored enough.

Lee Teter writes . . . . 


graphite drawing by Lee Teter Packhorse man 18th century 18th c. master drawings drawing
MEDIUM: Graphite heightened with chalk on on toned specially prepared paper.
DESCRIPTION: (27) This drawing is a study work in preparation for a more complex piece composed of multiple figures.


Chadron Nebraska Museum of the fur trade Trading post drawing Native American Indians log cabin lodge teepee master drawings by Lee Teter
MEDIUM: Graphite on 22 x 17 rag paper
DESCRIPTION: Image is approximately 19 x 11
This drawing was produced in graphite. This concept is based on a historical trading post at Chadron, Nebraska. The site is now maintained by the Museum of the Fur Trade, this post has been painted by several great artists. Lee’s contribution provides an image that includes the Native American culture that invited and protected the post. Contrary to stereotyped relationships represented by Hollywood and Universities, traders were invited and protected by the tribes. The posts allowed Native Americans to live the free lifestyle they had developed around the horse, and improved their lives with carefully selected items specifically designed for them.



Graphite on paper drawing by Lee Teter master drawings antelope wagon train westward migration art history western
TITLE: “Prairie Dust & White”
MEDIUM: Graphite on paper 6″x 24 “
by Lee Teter
DESCRIPTION: As covered wagons churn the earth into dust along the Bridger Trail to Bozeman (at present Copper Mountain, Wyoming) an antelope watches from a distance. The travelers would have learned weeks ago that an antelope was faster than any animal they ever knew (Lee has seen them running more than fifty miles per hour). The antelope was safe from their fastest horses and from men who were too busy and tired to hunt.


Buxton Griffing Terpning mountain man wolves wolves of eveining drawing master drawings by Lee Teter graphite crayon chalk metalpoint
MEDIUM: Conte, Chalk,
DESCRIPTION: 22 x 17 rag paper. Image approximately 19 x 12.75. This drawing was produced with Conte crayon and chalk on distressed/aged paper and won honorable mention at Art Renewal Center’s international art show. This drawing depicts a man whose horse has been stolen. Before the buffalo were gone, Wolves roamed the plains and Rocky Mountains by the millions. They were not usually dangerous to full-grown men, but historic accounts record their destruction of stock and essential gear, and their unpredictability. Without horses to move his property he must leave all his wealth, comforts, and the results of his labor. He must abandon everything to the wolves in an attempt to save something far more valuable: his life.
But he will come back for anything the wolves didn’t destroy.


Native American Indian master drawings by Lee Teter drawing graphite study figure
MEDIUM: Graphite on paper
DESCRIPTION: Appr. 5.5 x 14.25 inches. Paper 12.5 x 18 inches
This is a figure study for a large drawing. Lee’s first choice in art is drawing and he is working to present a theme in graphite that he has already painted in oils. His purpose is to compare the power of drawing to that of painting. This figure is one of four in the picture.


Horses mountain man guarding camp and horses graphite drawing toned paper chalk authentic master drawing by Lee Teter
TITLE: Horse Guard Study
MEDIUM: Graphite and chalk on grey paper.
DESCRIPTION: This pencil and chalk drawing is made on a heavy sheet of pale grey paper (appr. 22″ x 30″). The figure of the Rocky Mountain horse guard is about 18 inches tall.


Lodge Teepee Laramie cart trader graphite drawing 19th Century Rocky Mountain West plains trader master drawings by Lee Teter
MEDIUM: Graphite
DESCRIPTION: 8 x 8 inches. A warrior guard has been assigned the duty of protecting the traders goods. Traders were allowed to come into tribal lands by the Native Americans only by permission. They were protected and encouraged by tribal leaders.


Pioneer father Wayne Watson graphite charcoal crayon master drawing by Lee Teter drawings of the American frontier
MEDIUM: Graphite , crayon, charcoal on distressed paper
DESCRIPTION: This is a drawing of an 18th century father who works to provide food for his pioneer family using tools he made with his own hands.


Da Vince Raphael arc art renewal master drawing drawings by lee teter teetersketching horses drawing cats metal point metalpoint silver point Conte graphite pencil fine art
MEDIUM: Chalk, Conte crayon
This drawing was produced with Conte crayon and chalk on distressed/aged paper. It was an award-winning entry for the ARC International Art Show. It shows a young artist sketching horses while drawing the attention of curious kittens. When the drawing was modeled the kittens were unplanned, but after they invited themselves, Lee included them in the drawing. Look closely and you’ll see techniques borrowed from Leonardo da Vinci.