Metalpoint, Charcoal, and Graphite

Also see Metalpoint and Handpainted Drawings

THE FAVORITE (Charcoal) : A mountain man gives special attention to an old friend during a hard winter. This small drawing (7 x 9.5) inches) was drawn with charcoal.
by Lee Teter
Confinement of Darkness (graphite): Native American Firelight Study


CHEROKEE (metalpoint): 18th Century Cherokee Hunter
by Lee Teter
RACE TO OBSCURITY (Graphite) represents Native Americans disturbing a flock of (now extinct) Carolina parakeets during a horse race.


MOTHER’S DAY (Graphite)
drawing by Lee Teter
FLINTLOCK MAN (crayon on aged paper)
painted drawing by Lee Teter
LEAVING HOME (painted drawing) see painted drawings for more information. Initial drawing is graphite.
PRONGHORN (metalpoint) Here the special metalpoint ground can be seen (darker tint) because it does not go to the edge of the paper.