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Lee Teter features this research for artists and others who need visual information.  A different artifact will be published each week when possible. These images were photographed by Lee Teter and are provided courtesy of Lee Teter unless otherwise noted.

Posted March 2016
Early Arrowheads
This style arrowhead (below) is found from Maryland to Canada and the style of head attachment spans decades. Those below are 17th century artifacts.

ARTIFACTS arrowheads bindings

ARTIFACTS arrowheads close

These arrowheads (below) are from a private collection. They were found together. The size is obvious, the materials are metal, glass, and stone. This find probably dates from late 17th century to early 18th century

.ARTIFACTS arrowheads glass

These  (below)are located at the Woodland Cultural Center in Brantford Ontario Canada. The long arrowhead is dated to 1812.
ARTIFACTS arrowheads late period

Arrowheads (below) from the Susquehanna Valley 1645 – 1665. Photo taken at Pennsylvania State Museum at Harrisburg.

ARTIFACTS arrowheads measured

These brass artifacts were thought to be decorative, but they are no less delicate than many other arrowheads. Modern minds tend to think primitive arrows are made with crude, heavy, materials: In the hands of an expert hunter these thin metal points could easily kill large game.

ARTIFACTS arrowheads tracing