“The delicate lines, gracefully graduating tones, and exquisite detail of metalpoint are unequaled by any other drawing medium.”

Lee Teter

( Lee Teter writes about metalpoint drawing HERE)

18th c. Frontier Hunter metalpoint goldpoint by Lee Teter master drawing
MEDIUM: Metalpoint (18k gold) on prepared panel.
DESCRIPTION: The famous character from the Leatherstocking Tales is shown in historically accurate clothing and gear with the results of a hunt that his long lost culture required. The drawing was made with 18k gold on a prepared panel (all metalpoint drawings require special grounds).

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Cherokee metalpoint goldpoint silverpoint master drawings by Lee Teter drawing metal point fine art
MEDIUM: metalpoint (goldpoint)
DESCRIPTION: (21) Image 4.5 x 6.5 inches on 9 x 12 inch ground.
This Cherokee hunter leans against a tree with a flintlock rifle.


Antelope silverpoint metalpoint drawing master drawings by Lee Teter heightened with white chalk
MEDIUM: Metalpoint (silverpoint) (19)
Image size 5×5 inches on paper appr. 13 x 15. A Wyoming antelope drawn on toned paper heightened with white chalk.
Metalpoint silverpoint master drawing mountain man horses
TITLE: Rocky Mountain Horse Guard (Alert)
PAPER SIZE: Appr. 11 x 14 inches
TYPE: Original art 
DESCRIPTION: (28) Silverpoint drawing on  prepared 11 x 14 inch paper
This drawing is a study sketch in silverpoint on a rough surface that breaks into interesting patterns throughout the drawing. The special ground is tinted a warm, pale gold. Silver point ages to a deep warm brown with time and exposure to air. 
The picture portrays a member of a trapping party who was always prepared to guard camp. Called “camp keepers”, these men stood guard over every vital piece of gear, supplies and extra horses. Only these men and their fearlessness prevented almost certain and devastating loss. The term “keeper” reflects an earlier meaning of the word that might be rendered “guard” today.


metalpoint drawing master 18k gold 18thc. Huron master drawings by Lee Teter goldpoint silverpoint metal point drawing
Metalpoint Drawing
(18k gold) on prepared surface.
The face-paint design is an actual 18th century pattern that has been in Lee Teter’s research files for decades.


Blackfoot Lodges Lee Teter Native American silverpoint Indian metalpoint metal point master drawing
TITLE: Blackfoot Lodges
MEDIUM: Metalpoint
DESCRIPTION: This 5×7 inch drawing was described by Ted Brasser as “like a little photograph”. Art can fill in the blanks by being like little photographs that were never taken. The trader’s cart outside the winter lodge was not photographed because by the time photography became available that trading system had been replaced: Culture and technology changed the world in a few short years. Even a 5×7 (well done) can memorialize history and make fine art function as a servant to humanity.