Signed REFLECTIONS prints:$95.00

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Title of work: REFLECTIONS

Type of work: Art print

This painting was produced as an open edition print in 1988. Thousands upon tens of thousands of these prints have been sold. Only a fraction of these prints were actually signed by the artist.

Shipping may take 3 to 4 (sometimes more) weeks because the prints are ordered by Lee when a request is made. When he receives it the print is carefully unpacked, signed by Lee, repackaged, and shipped to the buyer from his studio.

Every print is purchased by Lee from the veterans group before forwarding the signed print to the new buyer.


Further Information

For an accurate article about the painting Lee Teter recommends an article by Jim Belsaw that was published in “The V.V.A. Veteran” March/April 2004.

This painting was the result of very personal events and relationships in Lee’s life. It was not made for hire: It was made of love. It was provided to veterans out of graciousness and gratitude. It remains deeply personal to the artist.